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New York Real Estate Transactions Attorney

For more than two decades, I have been assisting clients in real estate transactions throughout the Niagara County and Erie County region. As the examining counsel for two area title agencies, I have had the opportunity to see virtually every circumstance that can arise to put a cloud on the title of a piece of property. With this background knowledge, I am able to help families as they are selling or buying a home or other real property.

I also assist business owners in the sale or purchase of business property. I draft or review and advise clients on all the provisions of purchase agreement contracts, home mortgage notes, contracts for deed, and other necessary pre-closing documents. And, I represent clients at the real estate closing, making sure all documents are appropriately drafted and executed as well as being available to answer any questions that may arise during the closing.

If you are selling or buying a home or looking into the sale or purchase of business property, contact a New York real estate transactions attorney at the Law Office of David Michael Heim.

Wheatfield Landlord Tenant Law Firm

Many of my long-standing clients are landowners who own multi-family buildings. Sometimes they are faced with the necessity of giving notice of eviction to tenants for failure to pay rent or for failure to abide by the lease in other ways such as holding loud parties, failing to maintain the property, or causing substantial damage to the property. I handle the landlord tenant litigation in such cases.