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At my office, the Law Office of David Michael Heim, I am fortunate to have developed many long-term relationships with clients who have been coming to me with their legal matters since I first opened my practice in 1978. As a sole practitioner in a general practice law firm, I handle a wide variety of client matters. Some clients I met for the first time when they needed help after their purchasing their home; now their children are coming to me for assistance in buying a home of their own. If you or your family member needs assistance with a real estate transaction, call a lawyer well-versed in real estate law.

Some clients I met when they came to me for advice about bankruptcy; now, I am able help them with successful business organization and planning.

Others come to me for all their estate planning needs today, but their first encounter with me as their lawyer was when their parents called me to assist with a traffic violation years ago.

Over the years, I have had many clients who return to me for every legal need for their personal and family life as well as in their business and commercial transactions and litigation.

Clients for the long-term

Most of my clients, whether we have worked together on many matters over a long course of time or just started to work together because of a recent need for an attorney, find that I am diligent and persistent on my client's behalf. I stay involved working for their interests over the long haul. My clients learn quickly that I care about them, their families and their lives, whether their present need for legal representation is in a real estate matter or a business transaction, a criminal matter or a probate case.

I am generally in my office Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM until 4:45 PM. My voice mail is always available and I return calls at my earliest possible opportunity. I speak plain English and like to know that my clients have a handle on what I am talking about when it comes to the issues that affect their lives.

Professional Associations

Because I need to keep abreast of the law in the areas in which I practice, I am a member of the New York State Bar Association, the Bar Association of Erie County, and other legal organizations that provide appropriate continuing legal education opportunities.

For effective legal counsel, contact my law office by phone or e-mail.