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Wheatfield/North Tonawanda, New York, Estate Planning Lawyer

As their families grow, many of my clients recognize the importance of preparing for their own retirement, their children's college education, and all the other normal passages of life in these United States. With over two decades of helping families and family businesses as they grow and evolve in the region, I am fortunate at the Law Office of David Michael Heim, I have had the satisfying job of watching children grow up and start families of their own. It is very rewarding to have the clients whose children were very small when they first came to me, come back to update their wills and trusts and other legal instruments as grandchildren are added into the equation. Business succession planning is also often a major consideration whenever there is a family business, whether the children intend to continue operation of the business or not.

I draft all necessary documents to ensure that the family assets are conserved to the greatest extent possible. I also seek to minimize the estate taxes due upon the death of the grantor. For assistance in making a will, or establishing a trust, including special needs trusts, for the protection of your family, contact me at the Law Office of David Michael Heim.

Niagara County Elder Law Attorney

I also assist with other estate planning matters, often referred to by the term "living wills" such as the appointment of Health Care Proxy, or the designations of a health care Powers Of Attorney, and other Advanced Health Care Directives, including what may be called a Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) order.

New York Guardianship Litigation

For families who may need to set up Guardianships for parents or grandparents who no longer are able to care for themselves. I can help obtain the proper Guardianship papers and represent parties in disputed Guardianship litigation for both disabled adults and children.

To develop an effective estate plan or to revise an existing will or trust, please contact my law office.