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At the Law Office of David Michael Heim, PLLC ,located in North Tonawanda, New York, I value my relationship with each client. I have been practicing law for more than 25 years, and many of my clients today are people who first placed their trust in me in the earliest years of my practice. These clients include people like these: a teenager who was in danger of losing his driver's license because of traffic violations, several years later purchased a home, then with his wife adopted a baby daughter, later opened a business, then drew a family estate plan, and more recently dealt with the death of his wife's mother.

And the young widow with children, who was able to move on with her life and remarry because her estate plan included a premarital agreement protecting her children's rights to their deceased father's property.

And the four children of a retired factory worker who labored hard, lived within his means so he could pass his estate on to them, but suffered a stroke that required skilled nursing care, the cost of which threatened what he earned and saved over his whole life.

Each one of these clients, and many others like them, trusted me when they needed legal advice at different times in their lives: when their children grew, when their parents grayed, when opportunity and good fortune came to them, and when difficulty and disaster jeopardized their security. They regard me as their family lawyer, and I am proud and honored to have earned and maintained their trust for such a long time.

And I am committed to continue to keep their confidence and their trust, and to provide them with sound and sensible legal advice.

I am a general law practitioner. I concentrate my practice on those areas of the law where I am able to help people as they experience events in their lives, for which they need the help of a lawyer. Thus, I handle matters in the following areas of the law:

Estate planning and Elder Law.

Probate and Estate Administration

Real estate (Residential and Commercial).

Business Formation and Organization, and Commercial Law.

Landlord-Tenant matters for landowners.

I also provide Criminal Law Defense in all matters, including felony crimes, misdemeanors, drunk driving (DUI), traffic violations, and juvenile offenses.

And I practice Family Law, limited by choice to matters such as Adoption, Property Settlement & Separation Agreements, and Pre- and Post- Marital Agreements.

If you live or work or have a business in Niagara or Erie County, please call me if you need an Estate Planning lawyer, an Estate Administration attorney, an Elder Law attorney, a Real Estate lawyer, or a criminal defense attorney. If you need legal advice in any of these areas of the law, please contact my law office. I would like the opportunity to earn your trust.